There are two types of wet-cell batteries

Wet Cell Batteries

Wet cell Ups batteries also known as "flooded battery" uses liquid electrolytes to generate power. Compared to dry-cell batteries they have a longer lifespan. They require frequent maintenance and they can be discharged deeper than a dry-cell battery

The wet-cell batteries was one of the first present day battery type to be created for common use

Wet- cell batteries  are still commonly used as car batteries and for backup power in buiding 

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Advantages of wet-cell batteries

six(6) main advantages of wet-cell

  1. Excellent for extreme cold weather conditions
  2. Good for deep cycle applications
  3. Easy replacement
  4. Excellent tolerance for improper recharge voltages
  5.  Good for high current applications
  6. Watter can be manually added when needed

Types of wet-cell batteries

  1. Rechargeable wet-cell battery
  2. Non-rechargeable wet-cell battery

For non-rechargeable wet-cell batteries, production of chemical reaction cannot be reversed so once exhausted it can never be charged again

While for the rechargeable wet-cell batteries the chemical reaction can be reversed and the battery can be charged 

How Wet-cell Batteries Work

This is the working mechanism of the wet-cell battery. The battery terminals are connected with the load causing a chemical reaction between electrolytes, lead and lead oxide. This chemical reaction causes the flow of electricity to the load via terminals that further lead to the removal of sulphuric acid from the solution that is reinforced to the plates. At the point when the battery is charged by a reverse current, the bonds between the sulphuric acid and plates are broken and the acid comes back to the solution, giving it a chance to provide more power for future use.

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