Top-Up Water In Inverter Battery

Demineralized water plays a crucial role in the operation of inverter batteries, prompting inquiries such as its purpose, the appropriate quantity needed, and the potential risks associated with high electrolyte levels. This article aims to elucidate the significance of demineralized water for inverter batteries, outlining the specific type of water required and providing guidelines on dos and don'ts when refilling.

What is demineralized water?

Demineralized water stands out as a pure form of water, devoid of ions, minerals, or salts commonly found in regular tap water. This characteristic makes it particularly beneficial for applications involving lead-acid batteries.

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Seven(7) steps involved in filling demineralized water inverter battery
Filling demineralized water in inverter battery

Step 1: involves assessing the level of distilled water in the battery using the water level indicators provided. These indicators visually represent the quantity of distilled water present in the inverter battery. Typically, a green marker denotes the upper level, while a red marker signifies the lower level.

Step 2: If the water level indicator shows a red marker, indicating low water levels, it’s imperative to refill the battery. Before commencing the refilling process, ensure to switch off both the inverter and the power socket for safety purposes.

Step 3: Proceed to remove the water topping vent plugs by twisting them counterclockwise

Step 4: After removing the vent plug, position a funnel into the opening and carefully pour distilled water into the chamber

Step 5: Replicate this procedure for all battery chambers. You can gauge the water level by reinserting the vent plug and filling the chamber until it reaches the green mark.

Step 6: Once the water level reaches the green mark, reinsert the vent plug into the chamber and rotating it clockwise to secure it. Repeat this process for all chambers in a similar manner.

Step 7: ensure to clean the battery, vent plugs, and water level indicators thoroughly using a clean cloth or wipe.

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